• Majority of Americans consider it important to live in a place with similar political views
  • About one-in-four respondents feel that their political views align with majority in their community
  • Most Americans have not considered moving somewhere where their political views align with the majority
  • Most people would not consider moving even if their Presidential candidate of choice does not win
  • Majorities in both parties seek to align with their communities

Younger Americans are more inclined to let political views influence where they live
This year, we have been at the confluence of major events and changes in our economy and society. We have faced a new viral pandemic, temporary business and housing lock-downs, along with an accompanying economic recession, widespread social unrest and protests, as well as another election cycle. While the Presidential election captures the headlines, there are 470 Congressional seats up for election this November—35 of them in the Senate and 435 in the House of Representatives.
The pandemic-induced quarantine plunged the economy into a deep recession. As we have been working through the recovery process, companies across the country continue to struggle with diminished consumer spending. In turn, many of them are resorting to layoffs in an effort to contain costs, further adding to the strain many Americans feel. Housing is an integral part of the economic equation, and with homes at the center of most peoples’ lives, housing-related policy issues and market dynamics have taken a renewed importance in the public conversations.
Seeking to shine a spotlight on an important aspect of this conversation, realtor.com® partnered with YouGov during the second half of September to survey 2,000 Americans about their political views, whether those views impact where they want to live and their likelihood of moving based on the outcome of the election. In an environment of sharper political polarization, the data show that for many people, their views impact the choices about where to live and buy a home.
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