Nothing is more luxurious than a bathroom with spa-like additions. Wide rain showers with their gentle sprays are the height of comfort, while top-notch fixtures elevate a bathroom to the next level. Nearly all bathroom renovations have a high return on investment, a bonus for renovators interested in selling their homes. Create a luxury bathroom experience that stands out with these renovation projects.

Upgrade Bathroom Fixtures

A bathroom’s hardware has a significant impact on its overall aesthetic. Aim for the sleek and high-quality designs of upscale companies like Porcelanosa and Kohler . No fixture is too small or too large to consider, whether the knobs on cabinets, a sink’s faucet, or the whole tub. Renovators can make a dramatic statement in the bathroom using deep sinks and arching spouts or refine it with angular and straightforward designs.

Add Sleek Tiles

Take a ground-up approach by using high-quality materials when retiling. Not only do tiles elevate the bathroom’s look, but it also feels better to the touch. Choose an earthy, allergy-friendly option with natural stone flooring like marble, ceramic or granite. A mesmerizing mosaic or herringbone-style tiles can give a bathroom a unique character, while tiles cut in different shapes adds visual interest.

Separate the Shower and Tub

Say goodbye to a clunky shower-bathtub duo with a complete shower revamp. The high-end designs of Waterworks’ showers and bathroom products are the perfect addition to a bathroom renovation. Start by replacing old shower fixtures with sleek, new products offering complete control of water pressure and temperature. Then, opt for ample seating space and a ceiling-mounted showerhead, which provide a soothing, luxurious rainfall effect. A walk-in shower is complete with no-slip, stylish tiling.

A deep, freestanding tub is perfect for unwinding and relaxing. Waterworks tubs come in several designs, from traditional metal to sturdy rectangular designs. Outfit a tub with a detachable faucet or ultra-luxe jets for ease and enjoyment. If the tub of choice doesn’t have a wide lip to rest towels, candles, or glasses, pair it with a simple side table or stool.

Repaint Walls

Steam from a shower and wear from daily use may leave the bathroom’s walls dingy and scuffed. Breathe new life into the area by repainting walls in a neutral shade. Renovators can emphasize a bathroom’s space with white, cream and light gray shades. For a warmer ambiance, neutrals like brown-tinted grays and camel offer cozy energy. Renovators can also go coastal chic with seafoam green or pale blue.

Create a Luxury Vanity

Nothing feels more like a spa than a fully-outfitted luxury vanity. Create a stunning backsplash with Porcelanosa’s mosaic tiles in various colors, sizes and materials. Add storage below to fit all belongings, then incorporate a spacious sink and bright lighting. An all-white look brings the look of a luxury hotel, while bamboo or dark wood designs exude a calm and sophisticated feel.

Amp Up Lighting

Lighting fixtures are the ultimate tool in cultivating a bathroom’s ambiance. As many bathrooms are located in the center of a home without window access, a great lighting setup can turn a shadowy or dark space into a bright and dimensional refuge. Start with ceiling lighting to illuminate the whole room, then add decorative fixtures above sinks, next to bathtubs and showers and near toilets. Consider adjustable light fixtures to accommodate quick morning showers and evening bathtub soaks.

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